Does Beer Give You A Beer Belly?

Ever wondered if there is truth to the question if beer really does give you a beer belly?  Lets explore the facts.

Beer is full of empty calories, and most people don't consume just one.  Beer is known for packing on additional calories that cause you to gain weight.  The beer belly is not just from those calories from the beer, but also from the food choices that accompany the drink.

If you are drinking a lot of beer, you may not be inclined to cut calories elsewhere.  In fact, you may be eating a lot of junk food that contributes to that so-called beer belly.  Many people who drink beer also consume chips, pretzels, peanuts, and other forms of snack food that contribute to the beer belly.
However, it is called a beer belly for good reason.  Empty calories do pack on weight, and some people are more prone to put on weight in their stomach region.

The best way to shed the pounds around your midriff is to diet and exercise. Cutting back on the empty calories in the beer is very helpful and can assist you in losing weight.  Also, paying attention to the other calories you consume can help reduce the size of your beer belly.

Now that you are aware that beer does give you a beer belly, along with other foods, you can begin to cut back where you need to.

Suzanne Somers

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