Does Basketball Make You Taller?

Basketball does not make you taller.  In fact, the only thing that can make you grow taller is good old-fashioned genes and time.

Yes, it takes time to develop and grow.  There is no shortcut to growing taller, just like there is no speedy way to age.  You simply have to wait and see how you end up.  In order to get an idea of how tall you will be, you can always take a look at the height of your grandparents.

The sport of basketball requires a lot of jumping and running, which requires endurance, strong cardiovascular and strength. While basketball may make you stronger, it wont necessarily make you taller.  The only way to get taller is to ensure you are growing properly by instilling good habits, like eating the right foods and getting plenty of rest.

Basketball requires jumping and running, which can strengthen your leg muscles.  You may gain the appearance of longer and leaner limbs, but you wont gain any inches by playing this sport.

When you play basketball, you burn a lot of calories.  The calorie burn may help you to lose weight, which can also give you the appearance of leaner limbs and torso.  This may also make you look like you have leaned out and gotten slimmer. You may appear taller as a result of the lean look.  While basketball does not make you taller, you can get a lot stronger playing.

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