Does Barqs Root beer Have Caffeine?

Many people have heard rumors, but we have the facts - Barqs Root beer actually does have caffeine.

Most root beer varieties do not contain caffeine, but some selections of Barqs Root Beer does contain caffeine.  Many people fall prey to thinking that just because it is a root beer means that it doesn't contain any caffeine.  This belief is false.  Barqs Root beer especially the Olde Tyme Root Beer does contain caffeine.

All varieties of the Barqs Diet Root Beer does not have caffeine, so if you are trying to cut back on both calories and caffeine consumption, but must have your root beer, this is the route to go.

Diet Barqs comes in root beer flavor and vanilla cream, both of which do not contain any caffeine.

Since most root beers do not contain caffeine, root beer is a popular soda among children and their parents.  Parents prefer to give their children a soda that does not contain caffeine because they are thought to react differently than consuming large doses of caffeine.

While there may not be caffeine in some of the Barqs Root beer varieties, there is still an awful lot of sugar.

So, there you have it, Barqs Root beer does have caffeine, even though the majority of the public thinks it does not.  In fact, there is almost 23 grams in a 12 ounce bottle or can.

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