Does Balsamic Vinegar Go Bad?

Can vinegar be kept on the shelf for years? Does balsamic vinegar go bad?  These are common questions asked about this food.

Balsamic vinegar, just like other vinegar products, can go bad if kept on the shelf for too long.  If stored improperly vinegar can develop a cloudy hue in the liquid.  It will expire and when it does can go bad.  The cloudy substance that develops in balsamic vinegar begins when the product is starting to break down.

The best way to tell if balsamic vinegar has gone bad or not, aside from the cloudiness that develops, is to smell the vinegar.  If it has a rotten smell to it, the vinegar has gone bad and needs to be discarded.

When it comes to vinegar, much like wine, you get what you pay for. Good quality vinegar can last a long time but should be smelled and checked often to ensure the integrity of the liquid.  Most vinegar can be kept for six months with no problems, but it is important to check the vinegar’s smell and aroma during those latter months.  Balsamic vinegar is typically better quality, but it can still expire if stored for long periods of time.

Balsamic vinegar that is stored in a refrigerator or placed in a cool and dark environment typically lasts longer than vinegar housed open and in the pantry, because balsamic vinegar does go bad.

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