Does Applesauce Go Bad?

Applesauce does go bad if left on the shelf for more than a year.  If it has been opened, it will spoil in a much shorter time.

Applesauce, whether canned or in the glass jar, typically has a shelf life of 12 months.  Once the jar has been opened and refrigerated it should be eaten within a week to ten days so that it doesn't spoil. Most jars and cans of applesauce have an expiration date printed on the can.  It is important to watch this date to make sure the applesauce doesn't expire before eating it.  If it has expired, it is best to throw it out to avoid eating bad applesauce.

Opened applesauce, even when refrigerated, is at risk for mold if kept for a long period of time (typically over one to two weeks).  If you witness any signs of mold on the applesauce, do not simply scoop it off, but throw it out. You can get seriously sick if mold is eaten. Important storage techniques for applesauce is to keep it refrigerated when opened and watch the expiration date.

Since applesauce does go bad it is important to keep opened applesauce in a sealed container if you have leftovers to ensure that mold spores do not begin growing right away.  Once opened, consume the applesauce within a week if refrigerated.

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