Does Apple Juice Make You Poop?

Apple Juice can does make you poop if you drink a lot of it.  A small glass of apple juice typically does not cause elimination, but drinking a lot of natural apple juice can make you have to use the bathroom…frequently.

Not only will you have to poop, but you will also have to urinate more often if apple juice is consumed in large quantities. The highly concentrated form of apple juice, which contains a lot of sugar, does not typically have this effect.  However, the pure and natural apple juice that is found in health food stores contains a lot of apply pulp and fiber that causes you to eliminate.  In fact, doctors recommend drinking a glass of all-natural apple juice in order to keep things regular and the digestive tract moving the way it should.

Apples are naturally high in fiber and if eaten in abundance can lead you to the bathroom.  Juicing apples in a juicer can have the same effect that eating high quantities of apples has on your digestive system.  When you juice apples, you get the pulp and rind, which provides the body with even more fiber.  The more fiber in your system, the more likely you will need to use the bathroom.  Try eating one or two apples a day for regulation and the prevention of constipation.

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