Does Almond Milk Go Bad?

Thousands of people search “Does Almond Milk Go Bad” every month online. It is a simple question that seemingly has a complicated answer.

The expiration date for almond milk can be confusing for some as the top of the carton has a “Use By” date stamp that’s typically months after the purchase date. At the same time, the back of the carton has this…”Will stay fresh 7-10 days in refrigerator after opening”. This is what’s conflicting to some people. The product seems to have two different expiration dates.

So what is the answer? Does almond milk go bad or not, and if so…when? Yes, almond milk does go bad in a short period of time after opening the carton. Here’s the explanation for this.

Popular brands like Silk and Almond Breeze advise consumers to discard almond milk 7-10 days after opening the carton for a reason. When you open the carton, air seeps into the milk. Oxidation occurs when any food or drink is exposed to air. The presence of oxygen is what allows bacteria to form, giving almond milk that sour, bitter-like taste 7-10 after opening the carton.
The “Use By” date on the top of the carton implies that the almond milk will remain fresh and safe to drink for all that time the milk is unopened. However, as just explained, this period of time shortens when the carton is opened. So if you go out to the grocery store today and purchase Almond Milk that has a “Use By” date 5 months from today, the milk will be safe to drink for five months until you open the carton. You will have little over a week to safely consume the almond milk product after opening the carton.

You will want to eliminate unused almond milk subsequent the 7-10 days to prevent possible illness. It is not worth putting yourself at risk to sickness.
If at anytime you keep the milk past the expiration date, whether the carton is unopened or not, toss it out.

Remember: Store almond milk in the refrigerator immediately after pouring in a glass or bowl of cereal. Leaving almond milk out in room temperature will allow bacteria to grow in a quicker period of time.

Suzanne Somers

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