Does a Magic Diet Pill Truly Exist?

Scientists, researchers, marketers, health enthusiasts, and overweight people have been fascinated with the possibility of a magic diet pill that will make all of your excess weight disappear by simply taking it. Modern medicine has made great strides in the battle of the bulge, which has increased the possibility of a magic pill being created even more. But is there already one out there?

According to many health and fitness marketers there are already a number of “magic pills" out on the market today. Each day we are bombarded with messages that tout the latest scientific break though pill that is guaranteed to help us lose weight. This has only fueled the magic diet pill debate. Ask anyone if a diet pill exists and they would probably say no. But it depends on what your definition of “magic pill" is.

There are certainly diet pills and other supplements out on the market that can complement and even accelerate your weight loss when mixed with your own personal efforts to eat right and exercise. Most people wouldn’t call that magic because it does require human effort and sacrifice, which to most people sounds nothing like magic.

It’s simply human nature to want something for nothing, but in the world of weight loss that simply can’t happen. Even if you get plastic surgery it costs a lot of money and comes with serious health risks and possible complications. Slick marketers have tapped into this human desire to want to reap great rewards without having to make the necessary sacrifices.

It seems that we all want the trophy, but don’t want to have to run the race. Magazine ads, commercials, internet sites, and other marketing channels all show us 'evidence' that we can truly see great results without putting forth effort. These messages just feed the notion of being able to “get those six pack abs without changing what you eat."

If you look at the evidence, the numbers bear witness to the fact that there is no real magic pill out there. The fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Yet America is the most obese nation in the entire world. It has gotten so bad that adults who are not overweight are now the minority.

Census data shows us that nearly 70% of American adults are overweight. The rates of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other weight-related health issues are at their highest levels in human history. It looks as if all of these pills, potions, lotions and shakes are not magic at all.

That’s not to say there are no legitimate products out there. It just seems that they are magically activated when you mix the ingredients of eating healthy and exercising. So go right ahead and keep searching for the magic pill. There are some great fitness and nutrition products out there that will help you. Just remember that the real magic ingredients are found within you.

If people would only look within themselves and stop using faulty products as a crutch then this nation’s obesity problem would be far less severe. The first step is to admit that some of your own behavior is the problem. This is a critical step.  Once you realize you are the problem then you empower yourself by also knowing you are the solution. Think about it. If you’re sitting around waiting for a magic pill to be created, you’ll never get off the couch because you have the mindset that a magic pill is going to solve your problems. Drop that way of thinking and start eating right and exercising. If a magic pill is ever invented – you won’t need it.

Suzanne Somers

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