Do You Really Lose Weight With Zumba?

With all the hype that surrounds this exercise dance, many people ask – do you really lose weight with zumba?  The answer varies depending on the person.

Some people report a significant amount of weight loss when zumba is accompanied with a healthy lifestyle, while others may witness dropping one or two pounds despite their efforts.  Don’t expect to lose weight overnight, as with any work out routine.  You must stick to it to see it work.

This means that one class of 45 minutes in length won’t cause you to lose those 10 pounds you have been trying to lose.  Rather, going to zumba three times a week and incorporating it into your healthy eating program may do the trick over time.  Give yourself several months to see a significant drop in weight.

Zumba definitely offers a good cardio workout, but strength training may be lacking.  If you want to lose weight and keep it off, add in a strength training program that takes place two to three times a week at the bare minimum.  The increase in muscle tone will help you lose weight faster and more effectively, as muscle burns fat at a higher rate.  Through a careful diet and exercise program, zumba can work and provide you with a less than monotonous workout – which makes it one of the most popular classes offered at most gyms.


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