14 Reasons Why Americans are Overweight

Poor Diet

The American diet is full of foods that are processed, high in saturated fat, sugar, sodium, and calories. The only thing lean about it is the vitamins and nutrients. Most Americans pack all of their calories into a few meals that have huge portions, which is a recipe for fatness.

Sedentary Lifestyle
Despite everyone being 'on the go' so much its surprising how little exercise is performed. Families used to get plenty of exercise but those days are long gone. Most jobs require people to sit at a desk all day, and many schools are cutting out physical fitness classes.

Entertainment options used to include sporting activities and playing outside. Those forms of entertainment have been largely supplanted by DVDs, video games, the internet, and smart phones. Entertainment has become sedentary and lacking any form of activity other than eating and sitting.

Fast Food
Fast food restaurants surround us on nearly every corner. The food may be fast, but it’s slowly making people more and more obese. You can’t even get in your car and drive down the street or turn on the television without seeing a fast food restaurant. Maybe it should be called fat food.

Certain medications cause people to gain weight such as antidepressants and birth control. These medications use to be used by very few people, but are now used by millions of Americans each day.

Magic Pill Mentality
Sure, there are foods, supplements, and workout machines that can help you gain weight, but nothing will do the work for you. A lot of people want to lose weight by taking a pill without changing their habits – not going to happen.

Many people have the desire to lose weight, but do not know how to eat right or exercise. Losing weight requires learning about the principles of weight loss. People who try to lose weight often do it the wrong way and end up gaining weight and becoming frustrated.

Too Many Unhealthy Foods
There are many different food options, and many of them are unhealthy. Most of the food dishes that are easy and convenient are microwave foods that are full of sodium and preservatives.

Anyone can lose weight despite their genes, but some people are predisposed to being heavy. Some studies are beginning to refute this, and blame poor choices as the main cause of obesity.

Medical Conditions
Certain medical conditions that affect the thyroid can cause weight gain or inhibit weight loss. Other medical conditions that affect weight loss are diabetes, and any sickness or disease that inhibits mobility.

Some people just like to eat. In fact, Americans take pride in how much they can stuff down their throats in one sitting. Where else but America would you find television shows that focus on eating contests and gluttony? Overeating has become an epidemic with Americans.  Fast foods restaurants offering supersized portions can be found on nearly every block in cities and towns throughout the country.

Emotional Eating
Everyone experiences stress, but for some it is a trigger that causes them to eat unhealthy foods. The term 'comfort food' exists for a reason. The only way to overcome emotional eating is to form a new habit to help you deal with stress.

Late Night Snacking
Late night snacking causes rapid weight gain because the calories are usually not burned off because people are usually in a state of inactivity. The body burns far fewer calories at night. Extra calories consumed at night are not burned off and stored as fat in the body.

Desk Jobs
Many occupations use to require manual labor, so by default, people would get a lot of exercise from making a living. Since the industrial revolution, more and more jobs have become sedentary in nature. Combine that with unhealthy eating habits and you can easily see why millions of people are overweight or obese.

Suzanne Somers

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