Do You Lose Weight When You Pee?

While you do lose weight when you pee, it may not be the kind of weight you are longing for.  When you urinate, any weight that is lost is water.

Contrary to rumors and weight loss myths, you do not shed pounds or lose fat through urination.  The only way to lose weight, or fat, is to create a calorie deficit where you burn more energy than taken in.  When you pee, you lose water and that may result in a pound of weight loss, but the weight is not fat.  After you pee you may see that the scale drops a pound, but the opposite effect may occur if you drink a glass of water and then step on the scale.  After drinking water you may gain a pound, but again, this is not true weight gain.
The same is true with regard to perspiration.  Some people sweat a lot during a workout and may weigh less after an intense workout because of water loss.  Some people have a tendency to hold on to water causing a slight weight gain, even after an intense workout.

Water weight fluctuates depending on the diet, activity and even genetics.  Do not be alarmed if you don’t lose a lot of weight after you pee, but come to terms with the fact that it is only water weight and what was there today may be gone tomorrow.

Suzanne Somers

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