Do You Lose Weight After An Abortion?

Some women lose weight after an abortion, while others gain it.  There is no definitive answer when it comes to weight following an abortion, but there are several things you can do to prevent weight gain and get rid of any pregnancy weight you gained during or after the process.

After an abortion, your body undergoes a variety of changes.  Not only were you recently pregnant and your body adjusting to the process, but now you are not and your body must adjust quickly to keep things balanced.  Hormones are in disarray and body processes out of whack, so it can be easy to pack on weight.  The best thing to do is take it easy, get some rest and eat properly.  The worst thing you can do is begin eating poor foods that pack on weight.

As with pregnancy, losing weight following the birth of a child takes time and effort.  Since your body was pregnant, you may have packed on a few pregnancy pounds.  It takes work to get the weight off, but it can be done.  Tightening up your diet to include lean protein sources, vegetables and fruits, and whole grains is a great start to ridding the weight.  If you add in a few days a week of exercise, the weight will be melting off quickly and you will be back to yourself.

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