Do You Lose Weight After A Hysterectomy?

You do not always lose weight after a hysterectomy, in fact, many women report unwanted weight gain due to the change in metabolism and hormone shift.

According to the latest research from Duke University, women who have had a hysterectomy typically weigh more than those who have not had the surgery.  This is because of the upset in metabolism due to the hormone shift.  In some hysterectomy surgeries, the ovaries may be entirely removed and the hormone production that is offered by the ovaries is also removed.  When this occurs, the natural process is upset and changed in the body, causing stress and other issues that lead to weight gain.

While some women report that immediately following surgery they may weigh less, this is only because of the liquid diet that may be prescribed while in the hospital.  Most women gain weight within a few weeks following the hysterectomy surgery.  The weight gain is typically not significant and only a few pounds, but in some cases has reached ten pounds plus.

A nutritious diet and exercise program can take care of the unwanted weight gain following surgery.  You don’t have to fall victim to weight gain after surgery, but can keep the pounds off through a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, once the doctor has released you to begin an active life.

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