Do You Gain Weight On Your Period?

Many women claim to gain weight on their period, but it is not the kind of weight that sticks around for very long.  Most of the time the weight gained on your period is water weight.  This is true if you maintain your diet and exercise program and don’t eat anything out of the ordinary. If you binge on salty, high carb and processed foods, then you very well could pack on some pounds during this time of month.  However, if you keep things the same and in moderation, you will most likely only see some water retention that causes temporary weight gain.

When a woman is on her period, various hormones are released throughout the body that are produced in different levels.  This process may happen before a woman starts her period and even after for a few days.  During this time, many women experience bloating, cramping, water retention and swelling in fingers and toes. These symptoms may be magnified if the person is overweight.  The closer to your ideal weight, the less likely you are to experience these symptoms.

So, the truth is, you don’t actually gain weight on your period, but may conserve water and feel more bloated. Your clothing may fit tighter and you may feel puffier than normal, but in a few days time you will be back to your old lean self.


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