Do You Burn More Calories During Your Period?

Women between puberty and menopause experience the shedding of their uterine lining every month. Some want to know the answer to the question “Do you burn more calories during your period?” The answer is yes.

The reason you burn more calories during your period is that menstruation increases your metabolism for a few days. That means you burn more calories at rest and while performing daily activities and even exercise.

Some women like to take advantage of their increased metabolism to burn more calories during their period by exercising. This is an effective way to burn increased calories, but is often hard to perform. It makes sense on paper, but many times when you are on your period you are experiencing a lack of energy, cramps, and aches and pains. This makes it very difficult to want to spend time exercising.

A study done on the effects of calorie burn while menstruating was done in New York with surprising results. The women who participated in the study saw their metabolism ramp up to the point where their average daily calorie burn increased by as much as 360 calories. This did not include exercise.

So while you can burn more calories during your period if you workout, you can still burn quite a bit even without increasing your physical activity level one bit.


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