Do Prunes Make You Poop?

Prunes do make you poop, especially if overeaten. Prunes are natural, high in fiber and are one of those foods known for its laxative type properties.  Prunes, if overeaten will cause you to spend many unwanted hours in the bathroom.

This is also true of natural prune juice.  In fact, the more natural the prune product the more likely you will need to go to the bathroom. Prunes are considered to be a super-food when it comes to health. They are one of the highest antioxidant containing fruits available.

Prunes contain the naturally occurring laxative known as sorbitol.  Sorbitol acts as a mild colonic stimulant that reduces stool transit time and speeds up the process of elimination.  Constipation can be relieved when eating a regular supply of prunes daily.  In 100 grams of prunes there are about 7 grams of fiber.  This large amount of fiber also contributes to the poop factor.

If you overeat prunes beware!  With so much fiber and sorbitol, you are bound to spend a lot of time on the toilet.  Eating too much can also cause cramping and diarrhea.  It is best to limit yourself to a few prunes at a time to test your tolerance level.  If you are extremely constipated you may eat a few more, but it is best to be careful because prunes do make you poop!

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