Do Laxatives Help With Weight Loss?

Laxatives may help you lose weight but that is not what they are designed for.  Laxatives are supposed to assist with constipation and provide relief for those in need of a little boost in their digestive tract.  Using laxatives to help with weight loss is not recommended by doctors or medical professionals.

Laxatives are designed to rid the body of waste and as a result, some water weight is lost during the process.  It is almost inevitable that a few pounds may be lost when taking laxatives, but that is not the primary goal of the laxative.  If a person uses laxatives over long term health issues may arise, especially if the laxatives are abused and utilized for weight loss measures.  Problems with the colon and large intestine may arise as well as issues with the bowels. Cramping and bloating may ensue and bloody diarrhea may arise.  If you experience any pain or cramping associated with laxative use it is important to seek medical attention immediately.

When a person uses laxatives routinely for weight loss, it is not uncommon to experience pain and cramping when withdrawing from the laxative. Dehydration may also occur and it is recommended that sufferers drink additional water to assist with the hydration.

So no, it is not safe to use laxatives to help you lose weight. Laxatives were designed for other purposes and the instructions should be adhered to.

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