Do Cherries Make You Poop?

Often given to children and adults suffering from constipation, to put it bluntly, cherries do make you poop. The reason cherries are a great relief for constipation is that they contain a lot of fiber and natural laxative properties.  Cherries are chalked full of antioxidants which contribute to cleaning out the small intestine as well as the colon.  Cherry extract is often added to colon cleansing teas, drinks and foods to naturally cleanse the bowels.

If you suffer from constipation or have trouble with regulated bowel movements, eating a handful of fresh cherries daily can correct the problem.  However, you don't want to eat too many or you will spend most of your day in the bathroom.
Cherries are high in fiber, which is found in both the pulp of the fruit and in the skin.  The skin offers a large amount of fiber that contributes to roughage and acts like a natural laxative.  Cherries are considered to be an excellent source of dietary fiber and may be eaten several times a week, if not daily, to correct irregular bowel movements.

Cherries can be eaten both fresh or dried.  Dried cherries are great in salads or eaten raw and contain nearly the same amount of fiber as fresh cherries.  So, yes, cherries do make you poop especially if too many are consumed at one time.

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