Do Bananas Make You Poop?

Bananas contain a natural laxative that makes you poop if eaten in excess.  There are claims that state eating a banana every morning will keep you regular and promote a healthy digestive tract. Bananas tend to be easy on the stomach, especially to those who have a sensitive stomach and are careful with what they eat.  Eating too many bananas can do one of two things, which are highly contradictory.  In some individuals, eating too many bananas causes a disruption in the digestive process and causes constipation, while in others, diarrhea may occur.  Too many bananas are not good for anyone, so it is best to keep the amount within reason.

Mothers often describe giving too many bananas to their infant child causes diarrhea, gas and stomach upset.  Although, bananas are often the first recommended solid food for babies because they are easy on the tummy.  In any event, there is substantial evidence to validate the claim that bananas do make you poop.

People who get relief from bananas use them in cooking.  Adding a banana or two to the batter of whole grain muffins can help balance the relief you may get after eating.  Add in some flax, and constipation won’t be a problem.  As with any foods, it is wise to eat bananas within reason and never overdo.  One or two bananas a day won’t hurt.


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