Diet Plan for Diet HATERS!

Diet Plan Step 1.  Say Goodbye to dieting. Forget all about dieting! In fact, you should remove the words diet and dieting from your mind, altogether. Why? Because they are getting in the way. They are preventing you from tackling your weight problem. Every time you hear these words you switch off and reach for the cookies. Result? Your weight problem gets worse.

Diet Plan Step 2.  Say Hello to sensible eating. Sensible eating is a much nicer phrase than dieting. Start using it and put it into practice, today.

Diet Plan Step 3.  Get rid of your scales. Weighing scales don't make you slim. They just terrorize you. Get rid of them now! (Actually, don't throw them away until you finish reading this page, because you'll need them to complete Step 5.)          

Diet Plan Step 4.  Stop worrying about your weight. Here's why: Worrying about your weight makes you fatter. Why? Because worry makes you miserable. Result? You eat cookies and get fatter. Worrying about your weight problem makes you less able to solve it. Why? Because worry makes you feel more of a failure. Result? You are beaten before you start. Worrying is a waste of your valuable time. Do something you enjoy, instead.

Diet Plan Step 5.  Take your clothes off and look at yourself in the mirror. Ideally, do it tomorrow morning, before breakfast. At the same time, please do the following: Weigh Yourself. Measure your bust, waist, hips and thighs.

Diet Plan Step 6.  Start looking ahead. Don't worry about how you look next week, or next month. Take a longer term view - say, 6 months. Decide what weight you would like to be in 6 months. Work out exactly how losing weight will make your life better, i.e., decide on your incentive.

Diet Plan Step 7.  For the next 7 days, keep a food diary. (a) Write down every single thing you eat. (b) Write down when you ate it. Don't waste time cheating.  The purpose of this diary is to enable you to see what you actually eat, as          opposed to what you think you eat! Also, it will help you to see when you eat.

SUMMARY: So far, you have done a number of important things: You have stopped thinking about dieting and worrying about your weight. You have decided how much weight you want to lose and why. You have taken a good honest look at yourself and your eating habits.

Diet Plan Step 8.  Start making a sensible eating plan. Keep it very simple, as follows: Eat lots of these foods - Bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, beans, cereal, fish, fruit & vegetables (fresh/frozen/canned). Eat smaller amounts of these foods: Milk, yogurt, cheese, plain ice-cream.

Guide: Limit yourself to a maximum of 1 matchbox size piece of cheese, per day. If you choose fat-free varieties, there are no restrictions - you can eat lots.                Eat small amounts of these foods: Eggs, red meat, turkey and chicken.

Guide: Eat no more than 4 eggs a week - Red meat, limit yourself to 1 portion per day, no bigger than a deck of cards.

Guide: For turkey or chicken, you can eat 50% more - but no skin! Eat TINY amounts of these foods: Oil, butter, soft margarine/spread, mayonnaise, cream, refined sugar (max. 1 tsp in coffee). Drink unlimited amounts of these drinks                Water, fruit juices, tea or coffee (but no Espressos!) Enjoy the occasional                Pastry, cookie, candy bar/chocolate, bag of popcorn/potato chips/crisps                Guide: 'Occasional' means occasional - say, once a week.

Diet Plan Step 9.  Fill your refrigerator with sensible foods. We eat whatever sits in our refrigerator. So empty out the junk and fill it with foods from Step 8.

Diet Plan Step 10.  Learn how to cheat! Do you hate fruit and vegetables? If so, that's tough. You MUST make friends with fruit and vegetables. There are simply no substitutions. However, you can cheat.

Here's how: Make home made soup. Ideally, add spices, a little lean meat and lots of vegetables. You won't taste the vegetables. Make fresh orange juice. Many people won't eat 3 whole oranges every day. But they will drink the juice!                Make blended fruit drinks.

Guide: Stuff your blender with raspberries, fruit juice and a little low-fat ice-cream. Delicious!

Diet Plan Step 11.  Trim that fat. Get into the habit of trimming all the fat off meat. All means all. This alone will help you to live longer!

Diet Plan Step 12.  Learn how to snack sensibly.Fruit, cereal and fat-free yogurt are excellent choices, so are jumbo sandwiches (lots of thick crusty bread, small amount of margarine/spread, lots of lower fat filling.)

Diet Plan Step 13.  Be more choosy where you dine out. Frequent dining out (main meal) is one of the biggest reasons why America is so fat. So be more choosy! Never enter a fast food restaurant unless eating a burger is the only alternative to suicide. Never dine out on the spur of the moment. Limit yourself to one dining out experience, per fortnight.

Diet Plan Step 14.  Don't go Hungry! Don't forget about food and allow yourself to go hungry. For any sensible eater, hunger is a crime. In fact, to put it bluntly, going hungry is the stupidest thing you can do. Never ever go hungry - ever!          Get the message?

Diet Plan Step 15.  Be more active. Ideally, set aside 20 minutes a day to exercise (or 2 x 10 minutes) and gradually build up to 30 minutes a day. Yes, you may hate it to begin with but, believe me, exercise grows on you! Besides, it's worth remembering that exercise leaves you with MORE energy, not less. See also Exercise for idiots.

Diet Plan Step 16.  Follow these simple steps for 3 months. By then you should be feeling ten times better and you should have lost an easy 20-30 pounds.

The best thing is: Your eating habits will have changed for the better, which means you stand an excellent chance of solving your weight problem for good! 

Suzanne Somers

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