Cheez It Nutrition Facts

Cheez Its are a small square shaped cracker with a cheese flavor. They have been around for years and consistently are the most popular cracker in the Keebler brand of products.

Cheez Its comes in other flavors such as white cheddar and Tabasco among others. The following Cheez It Nutrition facts are based on the original flavor and a serving size of approximately 27 crackers:
    •    160 calories 
    •    8 grams of fat 
    •    2 grams saturated fat 
    •    250 mg sodium 
    •    18 grams of carbohydrates 
    •    1 gram fiber 
    •    1 gram sugar 
    •    4 grams protein 

Health experts and nutritionists grade Cheez Its very low on the nutrition scale: D- on average because the calories come from processed and refined flour and are basically void of any sound nutrition. Cheez Its are what are referred to as an empty calorie food. Empty calories provide your body with no nutritional value.

Health experts warn that people who get 10% or more of their calories from empty calorie foods are much more likely to be overweight, obese and suffer from health problems. One serving of Cheez Its is about eight percent of a persons daily calorie intake based upon a 2,000 calorie daily diet. Thats not to say you cannot enjoy Cheez Its now again. Just be sure to consume them only on an occasional basis and limit the serving size to one or less.

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