Captain Morgan Nutrition Facts

Captain Morgan Rums are very popular, and are used in a wide variety of alcoholic drinks. Perhaps their most favorite offering is Captain Morgans Spiced Rum.

Many people wanting to lose weight still desire to enjoy their favorite libations, but health experts and exercise enthusiasts warn against drinking too much alcohol because of the empty calories.

Below we break down Captain Morgan Nutrition Facts for one serving of this Spiced Rum:
    •    75 calories (1.25 ounces) 
    •    0.5 carbs 
    •    0 protein 

As you can see, Captain Morgans Spiced Rum is void of any nutrition. That's why weight loss experts warn against drinking it. For example, lets say you drink a Captain Morgans and Coke. The alcohol has 75 calories in it, and you also have to add in the 140 calories from the can of Coke. That's a whopping 215 calories. Indulge in another drink and you've just consumed 415 calories. This shows you how quickly the calories from alcoholic drinks can add up.

If you are going to enjoy some Captain Morgans Spiced Rum, its best to drink it on the rocks or mix it a diet soda or some other low calorie mixer. Health experts say that individuals deriving 10% or more of their calories from non-nutritional choices are much more likely to be obese. That means you should keep your consumption of alcohol well under 200 calories per day based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

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