Can You Lose Weight with P90X?

Tony Horton is a celebrity exercise instructor who developed the P90X, which is an exercise program, consisting of a set of 12 DVD’s.

The program includes workouts such as plyometrics and cardio, which when combined together with other DVDs like shoulders and arms and other strength training workouts, are advertised to help you lose fat and gain muscle. While this system is not designed for beginners, the program can be helpful in assisting you in losing weight, as long as you're at a fitness level high enough to successfully and safely complete the DVDs.

Each of the videos begins with a warm-up exercise designed to increase your heart rate and start burning calories. Several of the videos take the aerobic effects a bit further, burning even more calories. The increase in calorie burning helps create a calorie deficit, which contributes to weight loss. A calorie deficit occurs whenever your body burns more calories through physical activity than it takes in through your diet, forcing the body to look for other sources of energy, such as stored fat.

However, the majority of the program focuses on strength training movement. Strength training does still burn calories, as well as build lean muscle. The more lean muscle your body builds, the more efficiently your body burns calories, resulting in better weight loss results.

further your chances of creating a calorie deficit, the P90X system comes with a nutrition plan in 3 different phases. The phases move from a higher protein and lower carbohydrate intake, to a more balanced mixture of proteins and carbohydrates as you get deeper into the plan. These phases are designed to help accompany the workout routine in burning stored fat and building lean muscle.

It should be noted that the P90X program is not appropriate for everyone. The booklet that comes with the system contains a fitness test that calculates whether or not you are at a physical level high enough for the DVDs.  Regardless of your fitness level, if you feel pain of any kind, stop exercising or reduce the intensity level of your exercise. As with any exercise system, talk to your doctor to ensure you are healthy enough to perform the exercises this program suggests.

Suzanne Somers

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