Can You Lose Weight With Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga is commonly referred to as Bikram yoga and promotes weight loss by strengthening muscles, improving flexibility and endurance in 105 degree temperatures with 40 percent humidity.

The concept of hot yoga is to cause the body to release immense amounts of sweat and water due to the extreme elements and temperature. Doing yoga in the extreme heat is designed to cause a significant weight loss drop. The only problem is that most of the weight loss is water, not fat.  Many Bikram yoga students swear by the weight loss properties involved in performing hot yoga, but many are misled in thinking the weight loss is fat and not water.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Water loss is not necessarily fat loss.

Hot yoga is not the means to weight loss, but can jump start the process when combined with a healthy nutrition plan. This type of yoga can be effective because most people who partake are extremely dedicated and faithful and with any weight loss plan, dedication is one of the most important elements of success.

Adding hot yoga to a routine exercise program and healthy lifestyle can achieve great results in terms of weight loss.  Hot yoga should not be treated as the only means to weight loss, but can be worked in combination to a healthy program.

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