30 Minute Outdoor Workouts to Get You in Shape

Many view exercise as a challenging task. When people think of workouts, their minds immediately think of strenuous high impact workouts that take place in a gym when in fact, this is not the typical workout. It is very easy to get into amazing shape with a quick 30-minute outdoor workout a few times a week. A half an hour workout can help you lose weight, tone different areas of the body, and get you spending more time outdoors. Here are five thirty-minute outdoor workouts that can help you get in shape.


Something as simple as a thirty minute walk three times a week can help get anyone into shape. Walking requires no equipment or practice and is something that most everyone can do. Walking is not only easy but it keeps your heart healthy while shaping and toning your body. Studies have shown that walking for thirty minutes a day helps trim the waist and tone the legs.


Jogging is another outdoor workout that is very beneficial. A half hour jog keeps the body in shape by toning multiple muscles in the body, along with increasing bone density from the impact your feet make on the pavement.


Yoga on the beach is an amazing way to get into great shape. The combination of the sound of waves crashing against the rocks combined with the cool ocean breeze creates a serene setting for a great workout. Yoga is a great way to lose weight, strengthen all muscles in the body, and improve your flexibility.

Water Pilates

Pilates in the pool is a great outdoor workout to help you get into shape. The major benefit of working out in the pool is the ability to move with resistance in three dimensions. Three dimensional movement results in a better full body workout. Pool pilates specifically targets your core, but also helps improve posture and body alignment.

Overall, several thirty minute outdoor workouts can get anyone in shape. Whether you are running around your neighborhood or strength training at the park, you can tone muscles while improving your health. And we can all agree, outdoor workouts are vast improvements from being stuck in a gym.

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