3 Day Diet Review

The 3 Day Diet is a highly regimented plan designed for rapid weight loss in just three days. Once declared a fad diet that dates back to 1985, the 3 Day Diet promises quick weight loss, lower cholesterol levels and increased energy. Most of the weight loss claims report 10 pound losses within a very short amount of time. The 3 Day Diet is very specific with regard to food consumption. There are regulations on what to eat and how much food can be consumed. Portions are precise and must be eaten as specified to prevent dieters from overeating. If a dieter deviates from the plan, they are promised not to lose the reported ten pounds. Under-eating is also highly discouraged, even when bouts of hunger occur.

How the 3 Day Diet Works

The 3 Day Diet is a short-term approach to rapid weight loss. The diet should be followed precisely for three days with an expected weight loss of ten pounds. Some followers have reported an excess weight loss of ten pounds, while others experienced less than ten pounds. The diet follows a low-calorie approach to dieting, which is why weight loss occurs dramatically within just three days. Researchers and diet experts agree that while weight loss is experienced on the diet plan, most of the weight is water weight and very little comes from fat. There is nothing magical or scientific that occurs throughout the process, only that the sudden reduction in calories causes the body to lose excess weight right away.

3 Day Diet Meal Plan

Day 1:


Breakfast is made up of one cup of black coffee or tea, a piece of bread lightly toasted with one tablespoon of peanut butter and a half of grapefruit.


Lunch is comprised of one piece of bread or toast, a half-cup of cottage cheese or tuna and one cup of black coffee or tea.


Dinner consists of a small portion of meat, raw or cooked carrots, green beans, one cup of vanilla ice cream, a whole apple and one cup of black coffee or tea. Vegetables should be measured at one cup each.

There is no snacking permitted in between meals. If the dieter experiences hunger pains, they are encouraged to wait it out and drink water to satisfy the hunger until the next meal.

Day 2


A single egg (white and yolk), a slice of bread lightly toasted, a single large banana and one cup of black coffee or tea should be eaten for breakfast on the second day.


For lunch, a cup of tuna or cottage cheese and four to five soda crackers may be consumed. Also, one cup of black coffee or tea may be taken.


Two beef franks (no bun), half-cup carrots, a single large banana, a cup of broccoli, the usual half a cup of ice cream (preferably vanilla) and one cup of black coffee or tea may be consumed.

Day 3


One apple, a small wedge of cheese (approximately one ounce if measuring with a food scale), five soda crackers and one cup of black coffee or tea is recommended for breakfast on the third day.


One large boiled egg (yolk and egg white), a piece of bread lightly toasted and one cup of black coffee or tea.


Tuna, fresh cauliflower, cooked carrots, a single portion of melon, half-cup of vanilla ice cream and one cup of black coffee or tea. Beets may also be eaten in place of carrots and green beans in place of broccoli or cauliflower. Veggies and fruit should be measured at one cup each.

3 Day Diet Pros and Cons

Deemed a fad diet by many, there are a number of negative factors attached to the 3 Day Diet. However, for those looking for a quick drop in weight in just three days there are a number of advocating promises related to the plan. Below is a list of the pros and cons for the 3 Day Diet:


  • Rapid weight loss of ten pounds expected in just three days of following the plan precisely.
  • A wide variety of food choices and the availability of ice cream in the evening help to curb the urge to binge on sweets.


  • Recognized as a fad diet by physicians, nutritionists and diet experts.
  • No room for a slip-up. If a dieter cheats on the diet, weight loss results can be detrimental. Weight loss is primarily from water, not fat.
  • Dieters experience hunger throughout the day due to a significant calorie drop and no allowed snacking.
  • No author or book to substantiate claims that the diet works.
  • No maintenance plan. Most dieters who drop weight in three days tend to put it back on in the weeks following the diet.
  • The diet is not conducive to changing bad dieting habits and lifestyle routines. There are no tips or modifications included in the plan that help dieters keep the weight off for the long haul.


Due to the 3 Day Diet’s lack of authorship and significant research to back up the claims, it has been recognized as a fad diet that promotes weight loss in rapid time. There is no scientific backing of claims, simply a significant drop in calories that result in weight loss quickly, yet ineffectively.

Most of the weight lost comes from water rather than fat, and quickly returns once the dieter stops the plan. The diet is good for those who want to drop ten pounds in just three days, but not useful to weight loss enthusiasts looking to drop weight over the long-term. A solid maintenance plan is lacking with the 3 Day Diet plan and the dieter is left wondering what they should do about continued weight loss after the three days are up.

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