Can You Jog While Pregnant?

While your stomach may be starting to show and your trips to the bathroom are becoming more and more frequent, the bounce in your step may not have slowed as of yet.  Many women enter into their third trimester with a willingness to exercise and maintain a healthy weight gain during pregnancy, but can you jog while pregnant – or should you?

First of all, there is no definitive right or wrong answer to this question.  You must seek the advice of your obstetrician because he or she is the one who knows your medical history and the health of your baby.  While you may desire to stay active during the pregnancy process, your doctor may advise an exercise that offers less of an impact.  As the pregnant belly grows, jogging is not always a reasonable source of exercise.  Swimming, walking and using stationary equipment in the gym provide healthy alternatives to jogging.

As with any type of exercise while you are pregnant, it is important to pay attention to the weather if getting in some cardio outdoors. Pregnant women have a tendency to overheat and become dehydrated easily if they get too hot.  Safety should always come first, especially when pregnant.  Remember to wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing that does not restrict or cause your body temperature to rise.

Suzanne Somers

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