Can You Eat Popcorn On The HCG Diet?

You can eat popcorn on the HCG diet, but not in the initial phases of the diet plan.  Popcorn usually shows up in the phase 3 of the HCG plan and is not approved with butter or salt, but plain and natural.

The HCG diet consists of a highly restrictive diet that limits a person from consuming more than 500 calories a day.  During the initial six weeks of highly restrictive calorie intake, there is no popcorn offered on the plan.  In fact, popcorn does not show up until for months into the diet.

The highly restricted calories do not include popcorn when the person first starts out on the diet, because they must keep their calorie content below 500.  This number is frowned upon by the medical community, and if you are looking for a means of losing weight quickly, it can be done but the awful thing is that the weight will be back.

Once the individual gets through the early phases of the HCG diet plan, popcorn is welcomed because it is natural and provides the body with an extra dose of fiber it needs to work the right way. Popcorn provides roughage and dietary fiber that keeps the intestinal tract operating smoothly and effectively.  Popcorn is high in fiber and helps keep the cholesterol levels low.  However, keep the butter and salt at bay.

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