Can You Eat Mozzarella When Pregnant?

When you are pregnant you want to do what is best for your baby, which means eating the right foods and understanding pregnancy nutrition.  Many low-fat cheeses are exactly what the doctor ordered to give you the calcium and vitamin D your body needs. This means that you can eat mozzarella when pregnant, along with a variety of other pasteurized choices.  Unless the mozzarella packaging says that it is unpasteurized, it can be added to the menu of pregnant women.  In fact, mozzarella is one of the best cheeses to eat because it is low in fat, high in protein and contains a number of vitamins and nutrients.

Unpasteurized cheeses should be avoided, as well as most soft cheeses, such as blue cheese, brie, feta, camembert and any Mexican cheeses such as queso blanco.  Unless the package clearly indicates that the cheese had been pasteurized, it is best if they are avoided.

Mozzarella made with skim milk can be a healthy part of your regular diet as a pregnant woman.  The snack is very convenient if purchased in sticks.  Working pregnant women find that keeping a couple of sticks of mozzarella cheese in their desk at work helps ward off any feelings of sickness throughout the day, or when the nausea hits.  Most mozzarella cheeses are pasteurized, so any brand will do.

Suzanne Somers

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