Can You Die From Obesity?

The answer is plain and simple... Yes, you can die from obesity.  In fact, obesity leads to a number of health problems, from heart disease to stroke, all of which may lead to the onset of premature death.

In the United States alone, nearly 30% of the population is obese and the number is expected to sky rocket over the next decade.  By 2023, the obesity rate in the US is expected to climb to nearly 50%.  This means that half of our nation will be considered obese.

Obesity causes a wide number of health problems and is not simply a cosmetic issue.  Obesity may lead to diabetes, several forms of cancer, gallbladder and gallstone problems, kidney failure, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and a number of other problems.

Obesity also gives rise to sleep apnea and other problems associated with breathing, such as asthma.  In combination with all of these problems, obesity can lead to untimely death.  There have been record numbers of obese individuals who have gone to bed at night and not woken up.  They have succumbed to heart disease and even heart failure due to the impact the weight had on their system.

Statistics show that anyone who is 40% overweight is two times as likely to die prematurely than that of a person at a normal weight. Doctors report that half of all obese individuals will die by the time they are sixty years old.

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