Can Pregnant Women Eat Smoked Salmon?

One of the most frequently asked health questions online is can pregnant women eat smoked salmon? While seafood and fish contain nutrients that can be good for future mothers, there are limitations regarding this. Smoked sea food can carry listeria, which can cause listeriosis among pregnant women. This condition could then lead to still miscarriage, still births and other pregnancy complications. Given this, it is not safe for pregnant women to consume smoked seafood and fish unless they are canned. If you want to eat smoked salmon, make sure it is canned to be on the safer side.

Soon-to-be mothers should also avoid eating refrigerated smoked seafood such as salmon, tuna, cod, trout, and mackerel. The only way to consume them is to include them as ingredients in a casserole. When buying groceries, stay away from sea food with labels like “nova style," “smoked," “jerky" and “kippered," as they are refrigerated.

Keep in mind that being pregnant weakens one’s immune system. This means that you are more prone to various diseases and infections. This is also the reason why you have to be wary of your diet to ensure that the pregnancy is safe and you and your baby is healthy.

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