Can Pilates Help You Lose Weight?

Pilates can help you lose weight if you accompany the workouts with a healthy and nutritional meal plan, along with another form of exercise.  Pilates by itself may not help you lose weight but can provide improved muscle tone, strength and even endurance.  Pilates is a strength building exercise that relies on your body weight.  There is a lot of stretching and balancing that helps you to improve agility and core strength.  One of the biggest areas worked on during pilates is the core group of muscles, including the abdominal and lower back areas.

Some beginners to exercise find themselves losing weight when they begin a pilates program.  This is typically because the body has become active and you are using muscles that you did not use prior to the onset of the pilates program. Breathing principles are focused on in the pilates class which improves the ability to move faster and longer during other forms of exercise.

Pilates is  great for beginners because it provides a jump start to be able to perform other exercises without injury.  Pilates strengthens and stretches muscles that could otherwise tighten and strain during other forms of exercise.  Also, pilates focuses on commitment and being able to commit to each and every exercise.  The mental strength improved is priceless and recommended for beginners trying to lose weight, as commitment is the key to your success.

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