Can I Eat Pineapple While Pregnant?

There are a number of foods to avoid while pregnant in an effort to improve the viability and life of the fetus.  Many ask if they can eat pineapple while pregnant and the answer is not a simple yes or no, but possibly.

An old wive’s tale passed down from generation to generation tells women that they should avoid pineapple and pineapple juice while pregnant.  The reason being was that consuming pineapple was thought to initiate pre-labor, that is causing a woman to go into labor prematurely.

Today it has been determined that pineapple juice does not have this effect on pregnant women, if the juice is processed. However, consuming large amounts of fresh pineapple may soften the cervix and cause a pregnant woman to go into premature labor.  Pineapple contains significant amounts of Bromelain which actually causes the cervix to soften and lose integrity to stay intact.  Pineapple also contains a large supply of fiber which may lead to bouts of diarrhea for some pregnant women.

Many women claim to have consumed pineapple moderately throughout their pregnancy with no problems, while others have experienced premature labor pains and contractions that they directly relate to the consumption of pineapple.  The verdict is still out, but as with everything during pregnancy – moderation is crucial to ensure a healthy and happy baby and mother.

Suzanne Somers

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