Can Fibroids Cause Weight Gain?

While Fibroids do not cause weight gain, they can give the appearance of weight gain.  A woman with a large fibroid tumor may have the appearance of being pregnant or an enlarged abdomen.

Some women experience very little symptoms or even no symptoms when suffering from fibroids, however, there are women who experience an enlarged stomach region which is often mistaken for weight gain.  When there are symptoms, doctors examine to see if the abdomen contains a fibroid or many fibroid tumors.

Nearly three women aged 35 or older experience fibroid tumors.  If you are concerned about the possibility of having a fibroid tumor it is important to have it checked out by a doctor immediately.  The doctor checks the size of the uterus to see if it is enlarged.  Typically an ultrasound or MRI will reveal the size of the uterus to validate what the doctor has felt.

In the event that there are fibroids in the uterus, the uterus will become enlarged.  The enlargement causes the appearance of weight gain in the stomach region.  Treatment is usually done through hormones or even surgery to remove the fibroids if the symptoms are severe.  This is a challenging procedure and there are only certain types of fibroids that can be treated this way.
Most of the time hormone therapy can shrink the fibroids and the symptoms of an enlarged abdomen may diminish over time.

Suzanne Somers

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