Can Epsom Salt Help You Lose Weight?

There is no direct evidence linking Epsom salt to weight loss.  Epsom salt does help reduce swelling and provides healing properties for a number of ailments, but there is no firm research showing that Epsom salt helps you lose weight.

Weight loss myths indicated that soaking your feet and legs in Epsom salt or bathing your entire body in it could lead to significant weight loss, but this claim is simply not true.  Weight loss occurs on the inside and is achieved by hard work, meaning you must eat healthy food choices and exercise to create a calorie deficit.  Simply soaking in Epsom salt does not do the job.

There are a wide number of health benefits of Epsom salt when dissolved in a warm bathtub of water and soaked in.  These benefits may include lower blood pressure, improving your mood and even relieving stress.  However, there is no known information that shows that soaking in Epsom salt can cause weight loss.
There is a significant amount of magnesium in Epsom salt and as a result it can be absorbed through the skin which improves the magnesium levels in the body.  The properties in the salt does aid in swelling and help to reduce inflammation which may be recognized as weight loss, but this is certainly not the case.

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