Can Drinking Hot Water Make You Lose Weight?

Many people want to know can drinking hot water make you lose weight. It turns out that drinking hot water can help you lose weight, but the temperature only makes a slight difference.

The biggest benefit is drinking the water itself – regardless of temperature. Water is one of the few substances that is a negative calorie substance. That means it provides zero calories yet burns calories when it is consumed. That’s a good thing if you are trying to lose weight and be healthy. Drinking an eight ounce glass of hot water burns about nine calories. That doe not sound like much but it adds up to hundreds of calories a week if you drink eight glasses per day.

The hot water theory has to do with the body needing to expend more energy to cool down the water. This does make a minimal difference. Scientists actually found that consuming cold water had more of an affect on the metabolism because the body works harder to warm water up than cooling it down. The main benefit of water and weight loss is that it helps you feel full. Studies show that people who drink eight ounces of water with or before a meal eat less. They feel full because of the water taking up space in their stomachs. So yes, drinking hot water does help you lose weight, but the main goal should be drinking enough of it no matter what temperature.

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