Can Diabetics Get Tattoos?

No matter what disabilities or disorders you may have, you may decide at one time or another that you would like to have a tattoo. But the first question that comes to mind is can I get a tattoo? And being a diabetic is no different. You may decide you would like to get a tattoo, but be unsure whether or not it is in your best interest to do so.

Can Diabetics Get Tattoos?
The short answer is yes, and no. Some diabetics can get tattoos. Part of it depends on how well controlled your diabetes is, and whether or not you have complications as a result of your diabetes.

For example, many diabetics will experience poor circulation in the legs as time goes on. Those who are suffering from this should not get tattoos on their legs. Simply reason being that with the poor circulation, your tattoo will take longer to heal, and may not heal at all, or may get infected due to the delayed time in healing.

Another thing that diabetics need to take into consideration is the fact that with pain, your blood sugar level can drop. And depending on your pain tolerance levels, it could cause a very extreme drop in blood sugar levels and lead to complications related to your diabetes. In order to ensure the best possible decision, you need to consult with your family physician and a licensed tattoo artist.

Consulting with your doctor will help you decide what areas of your body are affected by the poor circulation, and therefore should not be tattooed. Your family physician will also be able to help you decide on the size of the tattoo. (The larger the tattoo, the more pain you may be in, and therefore the more negative affects it could have on your diabetes.) Discussing it with your artist is also important too, as they may be able to do your tattoo in smaller sittings, so that you are less prone to your blood sugar levels changing. Or they may allow you to bring in some food or drinks to help change your blood sugar level while you are undergoing the tattooing.

Being a diabetic doesn't mean you cannot get a tattoo. It simply means that you need to do a little more research and take more precautions before getting a tattoo. And with the help and advice of both your doctor and the artist come to the best possible solution for you to get a tattoo.

Even diabetics can get tattoos if their diabetes is under control.

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