Can Diabetics Eat Popcorn?

Yes, popcorn can be eaten by a diabetic if it is prepared correctly. Butter, salt and seasonings should be avoided at all costs if you are diabetic and choose to eat popcorn.

The best way to prepare popcorn if you have been diagnosed with diabetes is to eat it naturally.  Gone are the days of ordering a tub or bucket of movie theater popcorn.  Omit the butter and excess salt and enjoy a healthy alternative to popcorn.  The popcorn should be prepared plain and air-popped.  As a diabetic, you should avoid oils on your popcorn. In just one tablespoon of oil or butter there could be approximately 100 calories, so keeping the seasonings away is the best means of consuming popcorn.

The American Diabetes Association does allow popcorn as a starch exchange.  In three cups of air-popped popcorn there is an equivalent of one starch exchange.  It is fine to eat popcorn within reason, but don’t overdo it.  Keep the consumption low and enjoy the healthy and natural flavorings of this corn.
If you can’t stomach the taste of plain popcorn, there are a few healthy alternatives.  A dash of garlic powder or oregano are some of the best alternatives.  Some people even enjoy a dash of cinnamon on top of their corn for a little taste of something sweet and dessert-like.

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