Can Color Make You Hungry?

Color Psychologists have been reporting for years that a particular palette can change your mood. In fact, researches have revealed that there are specific colors that stimulate your sex life, calm you down from a stressful situation and influence your appetite. Let’s look at the facts in depth and determine if color can make you hungry.

If you think about it, color plays a vital role in the world we live. From marketing tools to traffic lights, color can sway your thinking, change your action or reaction, and even elevate your blood pressure – but, can color make you hungry? Global surveys have been conducted across the nation to determine the emotional association and attachment individuals have with color. We all know that food and our emotions can be tied, especially for the ‘emotional eater.’ So why not color?

Recent studies show that color is the key to weight loss. This may be an emphatic statement, but let’s see how the determination was made. Research shows that when a person’s plate contrasts with the food they are about to consume, that person has a tendency to eat less. The opposite also may occur. That is, when a person uses a white plate to fill up with spaghetti and red sauce, that individual typically fills the plate up less than they would if using a red or brown plate. The reason is that the color of the food blends into the plate when using a brown or red dish, as opposed to the contrasting white plate. The amount being added to the white plate has a tendency to stand out more and alert the individual of the amount prepared to consume.

It is not so much the color that makes one hungry, as it is the contrast in colors. You will put less red marinara sauce on a pasta dish presented on a white plate than you will a red one. If you want to lose weight, you may want to re-gift those flashy red plates you just received as a holiday present.

Doctors and researchers who study color therapy for stress-induced and anxiety afflicted patients, report the great impact color has on mood and emotions. Doctors report that the most influential colors associated with food and hunger triggers include red, orange and yellow. This may explain why marketing tactics used by some of the nation’s most popular restaurants incorporate these colors. McDonalds, Burger King, Carl’s Junior and other fast food joints incorporate the red and orange color palette in all of their major marketing campaigns. The colors stimulate hunger and increase a person’s appetite. Never do you see a restaurant or fast-food outfit incorporate the color blue into their marketing campaigns, because the hue actually suppresses the mood and acts as an appetite suppressant.

Can color make you hungry has been one of those questions asked by weight loss individuals for years. Color psychologists report that the color red does make a person more inclined to eat, even when not hungry. Red is a bright color that attracts attention, creates excitement and even increases the heart rate. It should come as no surprise that high-energy stores such as Target, Costco and Safeway all incorporate the color red in their stores to stimulate a person’s subconscious to become hungry and filled with energy.

Red has also become a color preference in terms of candy, soda and other food products. Skittles, a well-known candy utilizes the color red for their packaging while showing the red sugary treat as one of the top choices when eating their product. Children fight over the red candies and often state that red skittle tastes better. Coca Cola and Campbell’s Soup have jumped on the red color band-wagon and revealed products that are dressed in red packaging. Between marketing tools and doctor reports, red is here to stay and will continue to stimulate our appetite for the long-haul.

Suzanne Somers

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