Can Apples Help You Lose Weight?

Apples can help you lose weight.  We are not talking about another gimmick diet that requires you to eat apples exclusively for every meal and consuming under 500 calories a day in total.  Adding apples to your healthy diet and eating them as part of a nutritious meal plan can do the trick.

One of the top reasons you should eat apples to help you lose weight is that apples are extremely high in fiber.  The added fiber provides bulk to your body and keeps you satisfied and less likely to cheat on your diet.  Apples fill you up while not full of the wrong kinds of nutrients that pack on the weight.  The fiber content also keeps things moving smoothly so that your digestive tract operates the way it should.

Another benefit of apples for weight loss is that they are low in fat. Apples are not high in calories, so eating them throughout the day will not pack on unwanted pounds.  You won’t be adding a large number of calories to your diet when you consume apples at a meal or in between meals.

Apples are also high in water, which keeps the calorie content low so that you can eat more of them. Whether you leave the peel on or off, apples are a great source of nutrition that can help you lose weight.

Suzanne Somers

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