Calories In Yellow Squash

There are not a lot of calories in yellow squash.  In fact, it is one of those vegetables that can be eaten faithfully while trying to lose weight. However, if you are trying to watch your weight and lose weight, adding lots of butter to your cooked yellow squash is not beneficial. Adding a tablespoon of butter can also add as many as 150 extra calories to your low-cal yellow squash.

In one medium sized yellow squash there are approximately 30 calories.
The typical way to prepare the squash is to wash it and slice it or cube it.  Then throw it in the pan with a splash of olive oil or low-cal vegetable oil and saute the squash.  Depending on the texture you desire will determine how long you need to prepare it.

Yellow squash is often referred to as summer squash because of the time of year it comes into season.  When it is ripe, the squash is a beautiful yellow color.
There are not a lot of calories in yellow squash and it is considered a diet friendly food.  Squash does contain a substantial amount of fiber and therefore fills your stomach up, keeping you fuller for longer periods of time than salad or other vegetables.  Yellow squash is tasty and can be great as a side dish, along some accompanying meat or fish.

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