Calories In White Zinfandel

There are just over 100 calories in White Zinfandel this is for one standard sized glass (approximately 5 ounces). Most varieties range between 105 to 108 calories per glass.

A glass of wine can be enjoyed, even when you are on a diet.  However, if you are counting calories and want to keep track of every number you put into your body, knowing the total number of calories in that glass of white zinfandel can be helpful.

White Zinfandel is an extremely light variety of wine that is low in sugar and low in alcohol percentage.  These low numbers contribute to the low number of calories found in a glass of White Zinfandel.  The low amount of sugar primarily contributes to the low calorie count. Since there is a low amount of sugar found in this variety of wine, many dieters who enjoy a glass or two each week opt for this type.  In one ounce of White Zinfandel there are only 20 calories.  That is not a lot of calories when it comes to drinking wine.

If you keep your consumption within moderation, you can enjoy a glass of wine without ruining your weight loss efforts. It is important, however, to keep in mind that overindulgence can kill your weight loss efforts.  This is a wise choice in wines when trying to cut back because there are not a lot of calories in White Zinfandel.

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