Calories In White Bread

Health care and weight loss experts warn about consuming too much white bread. White bread does not have much nutrition and can a lot of calories in just one slice. So how many calories in white bread are there? Lets take a look.

The average slice of white bread has 70 calories in it. While that's not too bad, you have to remember that you typically eat two slices of white bread which would double to calories to 140. Its also not the number of calories that are the concern. White bread has literally no redeeming qualities in terms of vitamins and nutrients. Like other forms of white carbs, they have been stripped of many of the nutrients and fiber. 

White bread is also known as a high glycemic carbohydrate. That means it only provides short bursts of energy followed by a quick crash and feelings of hunger.
Whole grain bread on the other hand provides a lot of nutrition and sustained energy. It also helps you feel fuller longer because of the dense nutrients, vitamins and fiber.

Does this mean you should give up white bread entirely? That's a personal choice. Bread of any kind does not work for low carb diets so if you're thinking about going on one of those you will have to forego bread.

Now that you know how many calories in white bread there are you can make an informed decision. Good luck!

Suzanne Somers

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