Calories In Whipped Cream

Whipped Cream can be to your advantage or derailment when it comes to calorie counting. On average there are 180-250 calories in a cup of whipped cream.

How many calories in whipped cream will vary on the brand and flavor you choose. Fortunately you can enjoy this decadent whipped topping without consuming too many calories. Lets take a look at three popular varieties.

Reddi-wip is one of the most popular brands of sweetened whipped cream popular for being in an aerosol can. There are only 15 calories in two tablespoons of original Reddi-wip.  This number of calories also applies for their chocolate and extra creamy varieties. Reddi-wip does offer a fat-free option of aerosol whipped cream available for people seeking to cut down on fat and calories. This version only contains 5 calories per two tablespoon serving.

Cool Whip
Cool Whip is another popular type of cream created by Kraft Foods. In two tablespoons of regular cool whip topping there are 25 calories. If you want to slash the calories without sacrificing the creamy flavor, then you might favor Cool Whips fat free whipped topping which only comes to 15 calories per two-tablespoon serving.

Heavy Cream
Purchasing heavy cream by the carton is the best way to make your own whipped cream. All you need is a whisk, bowl, heavy cream, some elbow grease and you'll have yourself whipped cream without the additives.
The calories in heavy cream is the downside 50 calories per tablespoon to be exact.

As you can tell the calories in whipped cream are low if you buy it pre-packaged at the grocery store. If you choose to whisk heavy cream at home, then prepare to consume extra calories.

With any diet its important to implement moderation. You can have any version of whipped cream mentioned in this article as long as you don't overdo it. Stick to the serving sizes and you can enjoy this tasty treat without putting on weight.


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