Calories In Venison

There are not a lot of calories in venison, as compared to many varieties of fatty meats. In one four-ounce venison steak there are about 170 calories.  That is not a lot of calories, especially if you compare to any red meats or hamburgers.

Venison is considered to be low in calories and provide the body with a lean source of protein that is both good for you and your hips. Venison, also known as deer meat or steak, is becoming more and more popular in the weight loss and bodybuilding arena.  The meat is very low in fat and provides a substantial amount of protein with few calories.

Venison is not as low in calories as elk meat, but is considered to be one of the leanest meat varieties. In one cup of ground deer meat there are about 180 calories, give or take a few. The number is more accurate if you weigh out the meat while it is raw, rather than when cooked.

If you are trying to lose weight or cut back on your calories, it is important to pay attention to how you prepare the meat.  Cooking the meat in fatty oils will raise the calories in the venison, rather than lowering the number.
Preparing the meat in light olive oil is the best way to provide yourself with a low-cal meal.  Watch your portion size and enjoy the low number of calories in venison.

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