Calories In Tortellini

Tortellini is an Italian noodle dish that contains stuffed pasta with cheese.  As you can imagine, this dish is not so low in calories.

There are about 300-325 calories in tortellini this is for a one cup serving.  The pasta contains a lot of cheese which makes them fairly high in calories.
Most people lather the tortellini in pasta sauce which then adds another 50 calories per serving.  By the time you are finished preparing, you may end up with nearly 400 calories per serving.

If you are trying to cut back on calories, avoiding the cheese stuffed tortellini and choosing spinach filled instead can reduce the number. In a one cup serving size of spinach tortellini there are about 230 calories.  This is about 100 calories less than is found in cheese tortellini. Also, avoiding the red tomato sauce or cream sauce can keep the calories lower.

Meat or sausage filled tortellini is another Italian favorite, but the number of calories found in this variety is the highest.  In one cup of meat filled tortellini there are about 375 calories, add some cream sauce and you are pushing 430 calories per serving.

As always, when trying to cut back on your calorie content, watch your portion size.  Eating a half-cup portion rather than a full cup will cut your calories in half.  Also, avoid butter, cream sauces and other fattening ingredients in an effort to keep the calories low.

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