Calories In Thin Mints

There are not a lot of calories in thin mints, and hardly any fat to speak of.  This unique combination makes thin mints a great treat for dieters and weight loss enthusiasts. There are about 40 calories in one small thin mint square or pod. Many of the mint and chocolate candies are diet friendly because they are low in fat.  They actually contain less than one gram per serving.

Thin mints do contain sugar, which is why they are not considered to be a health food. Even though they are low in calories and fat, there is not much nutrition found in the candy.  Nearly 70% of the candy calories comes from carbs, which ultimately is derived from the sugar found in each patty.
Since they are low in calories, thin mints are great to keep on hand to curb your sweet tooth.

The key is to not over-indulge, but eat one or two if you are experiencing an urge to cheat on your diet.  The small amount of sugar can actually help curb your appetite to cheat, although some nutritional experts may disagree.
If you are cutting back on the calories you consume it is important to not overdo. Since there are not a lot of calories in thin mints, eat only one or two at  a time and try not to overeat.

Suzanne Somers

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