Calories In Teriyaki Sauce

In one tablespoon of teriyaki sauce there are 15-20 calories.  The number may vary depending on the brand of sauce used.

What contributes to the number of calories in teriyaki sauce is the sugar.  If you are using more than just a tablespoon, as with marinade, the number of calories can greatly increase.  This means that if you are trying to lose weight or keep your calories low, overdoing it with the teriyaki sauce may not be beneficial to your waistline.

When marinating meat larger portions of teriyaki sauce are typically used.  In one cup there are 240 calories. Depending on the quantity of chicken or pork used, your recipe may call for 1 to 2 cups.  The more you use, the more sugar is absorbed into the meat.  As a result, the more calories are offered and consumed.

Reduced calorie options are available in various brands of teriyaki sauce.  The calorie content can be cut by nearly 50%.  Reduce calorie teriyaki sauce is great for people who are trying to reduce the number of calories they consume or maintain their weight.

Portion size is important when it comes to calories.  If you are watching the number you consume, it is important to limit the amount of sauce you use.  The more you use, the more calories in teriyaki sauce you will consume.


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