Calories In Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard contains hardly any calories, but it really depends on how it is prepared. In one cup of straight Swiss chard there are about 8 calories.

This means that the vegetable is prepared by washing, draining boiling and seasoning with salt and pepper.  If you add a lot of oil or butter, you can expect that number to jump to about 70 calories per serving or more. Swiss chard is considered a very low cal vegetable that is great for salads, main dishes or snacking.

Raw Swiss Chard offers a large amount of nutrients and vitamins.  It is rich in fiber and can help to fill up your stomach for longer periods of time, making you less likely to snack in between meals. If you eat boiled Swiss chard along with some lean protein, you can create yourself the perfect dieters meal.

Since Swiss chard is so low in calories, it is considered a super-food because of its vitamin rich properties and nutritional value.  Swiss chard contains vitamin C, B, foliate and even a trace of copper.  Swiss chard has immune boosting properties that help prevent your system from getting run down and more susceptible to the common cold.

With so few calories in Swiss chard it is no wonder that it is so good for you.  Eating Swiss chard regularly can keep the waistline small and trim.

Suzanne Somers

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