Calories in Stuffed Shells

Cheese Stuffed Shells with marinara sauce and more cheese are an Italian favorite, but how many calories in stuffed shells?

The number of calories in stuffed shells will depend on size.  Shells come in a variety of sizes from small, medium, large to jumbo.  The jumbo shells are huge and can hold many ounces of stuffing.?

In a medium sized stuffed shell, there are about 130-140 calories.  In one of the large jumbo sized shells, however, there are about 260-280 calories.?

Cheese stuffed shells are not necessarily a diet food, but there are worse things that one could eat.  Stuffed shells can be made with less calories if whole grain shells are used for the pasta and low-fat Ricotta cheese or low-cal cheese sources are used.  Also, by using a smaller sized shell you can save dramatically on the calories in stuffed shells as you wont be able to stuff with as much cheese.?

One of the best ways to limit your calories, if you are trying to restrict them, is to limit the number of shells you eat.  It is the portion size, as with any food, that determines how many calories you put into your body.  Keeping the calories lower can help with losing weight. Since stuffed shells are so rich, eating just one or two small ones can be quite filling.

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